• How are these rings made?

    All our rings are handmade using fresh wood and jewelry resin. Every ring is unique and one of a kind - the same ring maker cannot make the ring exactly the same as the previous one.

  • Is it easy to break the ring?

    As long as you order the right size (not too small - you can break your ring trying to take it off, for example) and take good care of the ring (avoid contact with water etc), it will last you a long time.

  • What's the warranty?

    Our return policy is 14 days from the moment you receive your ring. If something happens to it - we'll replace it for free. We want to keep you happy.

  • How long does it take to receive the ring once I've made an order?

    It takes 5-6 weeks to make your ring + shipping time, depending on your location.

  • Do you ship to my country? And how much does shipping cost?

    Yes, we ship worldwide. Shipping costs $40 (International) + $10 for each next ring/ $20 (USA) + $10 for each next ring/ $12 (Canada) USD, with tracking number. PLEASE ALSO NOTE that your packages may be subject to the customs fees and import duties of the country to which you have your order shipped.

  • What is the currency on your website?

    All prices are in USD.

  • What if I don't like my ring?

    You probably won't like it... You'll LOVE it! We make sure to send you the picture of your ring before we ship it, to make sure you're in love with the colour and shape.

  • Is any special care of the ring required to make sure it lasts longer?

    As long as you are reasonably careful with it, don't soak it in water etc. - the ring will last you for long time and no special care will be required.

  • What if my ring doesn’t fit?

    If your ring doesn’t fit, we will gladly resize it for you. If you need a bigger size, for the small fee of $20 we will adjust it for you. If your ring is too big, you may send it back to us and we will make a new ring for you at only half the price of your ring. When we send you back your ring, we will cover the shipping cost.

  • Do you give any discounts for multiple item orders?

    We have some discounts for over 10 items in one order. Shoot us a message through the contact form and we'll see what we can do for you.

  • Do you have any pendants?

    Not yet, but it's coming soon...

Any other questions? Send us a message through our Contact page!